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December 2013 Update

I have updated the coming soon page with my current projections. Thanks to burnout from various life events that have taken place since October, Shadows #5 is still incomplete. I hope to use some of my holidays next week to get some writing done and hope to have it ready for mid-late January. I’m aiming for the 24th of January as a release date, but I will not state that with any finality until it’s a sure thing.

The book I thought would be ready for December has taken on a life of its own and has grown beyond its original outline (that happens sometimes). It is as yet unfinished. I have a lot of goals for the New Year and will keep you all posted. My apologies to everyone waiting for the next episode of Shadows. It will be out as soon as it is ready.

October 2013 Update

I am in the midst of proofing the print editions of Shadows episodes 1 through 4. There are a few minor changes that need to be made before I commit them, so I hope to have them out by early November.

Shadows, Episode 5 has been unfortunately delayed. This is turning into a rather unwelcome trend I’ve noticed. Between continuing education for my day job, staffing shortages, and other projects vying for my time and attention (it’s always fun to work on things that are fresh and new), I’ve stretched myself a bit too thin and am in the midst of cleaning things up so I can better manage my time. I am still committed to producing the episode prior to the end of this year. I just can’t be certain precisely when that will be.

I currently have an untitled novel in the works, which I hope to have finished and ready for polishing and proofing some time in November to early December. Depending on how well that project turns out, it will arrive online sometime late this year or early next year. There will be at least two episodes of Shadows next year, hopefully kicking up the length a little bit from the novella format they have had thus far. There are a lot of characters in this universe, and all of their stories tie together somehow. With Episode 5, the Bryan McAllister and Larien Russell storylines will conclude with answers to both of their origins. This will make room for other characters to take the spotlight. Just because I switch the focus, does not mean that the previously focal characters will disappear.

Shadows of a Distant Past will appear next year, along with a series related to both Shadows and Shadows of a Distant Past, titled The Order. The sequel to Shadows of a Distant Past, currently titled The Lightbringer will arrive either late 2014 or early 2015 to coincide with the conclusion of The Order.

Minor Delay

Unfortunately, due to illness and other things beyond my control, the release of Shadows: i am anna has been delayed. It should hopefully be up electronically in the usual places within the next 2–3 days. With any luck, it might even get up towards the end of the 16th. The print releases of Shadows are also delayed until further notice, but I do hope to have them all up by mid-September. Hopefully life will accommodate my wishes.

Delays and Floodwater

There’s always something, isn’t there?

Unfortunately, due to too many projects requiring my attention (I’m notorious for spreading myself too thin and really should learn to organize my time more wisely) and then illness (which is still ongoing, unfortunately, but at least it’s manageable now), all of my projects have been pushed back. I had hoped to have The Legion Rises print edition out at the end of this month, but there’s simply no way to make that happen. I should be ordering the proof sometime this week, though, so barring no major errors, it should be out by mid-July.

The next episode of Shadows is now due out in July instead of this month (which is more or less over, at this point). Shadows of a Distant Past is delayed until August, most likely, though it will be sooner (i.e., July) if the cover is finished in the next couple of weeks. I still hope to get episode 5 of Shadows out in August, but it may be September or even October.

Speaking of the unforeseen from the last post regarding plans, for those unaware, we had massive flooding here in Calgary at the end of last week due to both local rainfall (53mm) and much rainfall upstream of our major rivers (200+mm).

Initial evacuations tore over 100,000 people from their communities, roughly half of which have been allowed to return to what is left of their homes. I know a few people whose buildings or homes are no longer liveable. Many older buildings affected by the flood have been condemned. Some buildings were taken off their foundations. The floodwaters uprooted trees. The downtown core is still flooded, C-Train tunnels included. Much of the city’s transit system are expecting delays to continue for weeks. Clean-up will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. My heart goes out to those affected, and I am infinitely grateful that I live far enough away from the affected areas.

Once again, I’ve updated the Coming Soon page with the new timelines. Hopefully the next updates I make to them will be with actual dates.

The Machine Release Delayed

Due to unforeseen events, I must delay the release of The Machine until February. It will be released on February 1, 2013.

Shadows Premiere Delayed and Crashed Update

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen madness this month (along with a few minor setbacks), the premiere of the novella series, Shadows has been delayed. It was my original intent to release the pilot novella in the middle of February, but it is now the end of February and it’s still not quite ready for publication.

Also, it would seem there has been some sort of issue in sending Crashed to Apple and Sony, as it is not yet available in either store despite having been available in all the others since the end of January. I assume there’s something wrong with the file that Smashwords has for submission. I’ll be looking into this just as soon as I have Shadows squared away.