Now Available on Amazon and Smashwords: Shadows, Episode 1

Shadows, Episode 1: The Escape cover thumbnail

Shadows, Episode 1 is now available worldwide via Smashwords and Kindle (Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES). It will be available via Diesel, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble around April.

Shadows Is Coming

Shadows, Episode 1: The Escape cover thumbnailShadows is a superhero series I began developing back in 2002. It’s taken a decade to get it into a form that I can be proud of. Despite its remaining kinks, I feel the premiere episode will be a strong introduction for the series.

The Escape introduces the main protagonist through much of the series, Bryan McAllister, his uncle Royal, and a host of other characters that will be seen throughout the series, including psychic detective James Sterling, Royal’s sadistic minion Jason Riley—a man who has a sadistic interest in Bryan—and mad scientist Dr. Whitly—an old associate of Royal McAllister and Bryan’s parents.

A brief synopsis of Episode 1:

After running into a blood-soaked naked girl, nearly being killed by his uncle’s goon, and barely escaping an exploding bus, a young jack-of-all-trades finds himself trapped in an old bunker with a team of mercenaries and an old experiment lurking in the darkness.

Shadows, Episode 1: The Escape, will be available March 15, 2012 from Amazon and Smashwords, with Kobo and others following as Smashwords distribution provides.

Shadows Premiere Delayed and Crashed Update

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen madness this month (along with a few minor setbacks), the premiere of the novella series, Shadows has been delayed. It was my original intent to release the pilot novella in the middle of February, but it is now the end of February and it’s still not quite ready for publication.

Also, it would seem there has been some sort of issue in sending Crashed to Apple and Sony, as it is not yet available in either store despite having been available in all the others since the end of January. I assume there’s something wrong with the file that Smashwords has for submission. I’ll be looking into this just as soon as I have Shadows squared away.

Crashed: A Novella, Now Available At Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Diesel

Crashed: A Novella

Crashed is now available at Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and

To the best of my knowledge, it should have been available on Apple a couple of days ago, but it still doesn’t appear there. Sony should be up in the next week or so. I assume Apple will follow.

Crashed: A Novella, Now Available on Kindle

Crashed: A Novella

Crashed is now available on Kindle, worldwide: Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES

Crashed: A Novella, Now Available on Smashwords

Crashed: A Novella

Crashed is now available on Smashwords. It should be available via Kindle by the end of the year, and Sony, Kobo, iTunes, Diesel, and Barnes & Noble sometime within the next couple of weeks, depending on how long Smashwords takes to review it once it is submitted for premium distribution.