Shadows, Season 1, Episode 4: i am anna

Shadows, Episode 4: i am anna Cover

Release Date: August 16, 2013

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About the Book:

The truth doesn’t always set you free.

In the fourth episode of Shadows, Bryan McAllister is faced with the mysterious disappearance of Anna, Royal McAllister, and Dr. Whitly. Equally mysterious is the re-appearance of someone Bryan never knew existed, someone who has taken control of Omega Technologies and shut down the GSA. Adam McAllister, the real son of Vincent and Marian McAllister.

With Omega Technologies under new ownership and the GSA shut down, investigations begin into the actions of all GSA operatives, and Bryan finds himself under interrogation with only one option for escape. If he is to find Anna and finally get answers, he must give the investigator, Staff Sgt. Shelby, a bigger fish: The old facility and everyone in it.

From Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Ryan Fitzgerald, the author of The Legion Rises, the series continues …

Includes a preview of the next episode of Shadows.

Word Count: ~26,000

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