Shadows, Season 1, Episode 3: From Darkness

Shadows, Episode 3: From Darkness Cover

Release Date: December 14, 2012

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About the Book:

In shadows it lives. From darkness it rises.

In the third episode of Shadows, Bryan McAllister investigates the list Anna showed him at the old Omega Technologies facility. There’s only one problem: the police are investigating too. The names on Bryan’s list correspond too closely with recent disappearances and the police consider him a suspect.

After being forced into an uneasy alliance with a seasoned detective, Staff Sergeant Coren Shelby, Bryan makes a frightening discovery. Black ooze. The monster he unintentionally freed from the facility, the monster that tried to kill him—that did kill so many of those people sent to rescue him—is behind the disappearances.

Somehow, the monster is tied to the list and knows where to find every last one of them.

From Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Ryan Fitzgerald, the author of The Legion Rises, the series continues …

Includes a preview of the next episode of Shadows.

Word Count: ~25,000

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