Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Shadows Is Coming

Shadows, Episode 1: The Escape cover thumbnailShadows is a superhero series I began developing back in 2002. It’s taken a decade to get it into a form that I can be proud of. Despite its remaining kinks, I feel the premiere episode will be a strong introduction for the series.

The Escape introduces the main protagonist through much of the series, Bryan McAllister, his uncle Royal, and a host of other characters that will be seen throughout the series, including psychic detective James Sterling, Royal’s sadistic minion Jason Riley—a man who has a sadistic interest in Bryan—and mad scientist Dr. Whitly—an old associate of Royal McAllister and Bryan’s parents.

A brief synopsis of Episode 1:

After running into a blood-soaked naked girl, nearly being killed by his uncle’s goon, and barely escaping an exploding bus, a young jack-of-all-trades finds himself trapped in an old bunker with a team of mercenaries and an old experiment lurking in the darkness.

Shadows, Episode 1: The Escape, will be available March 15, 2012 from Amazon and Smashwords, with Kobo and others following as Smashwords distribution provides.